Bayan's Acutal Blanket

Bayan's Acutal Blanket

A Video Chronicle Of Our Very First "Blankets From Bayan" in 2015.
A Video Chronicle Of Another Amazing "Blankets From Bayan" Event.

Blankets From Bayan

When Bayan was sick with cancer, one of her neighbors made her this blanket, because the anemia and chemotherapy made Bayan cold. She absolutely loved it, and she would not be anywhere without it. We wanted to share that legacy with other kids who must spend time in the hospital.

Thus, starting in 2015, the Bayan Hassaballa Foundation has been proud to spearhead the "Blankets From Bayan" campaign. Each year - partnering with local elementary schools, Girl Scout Troops, and others - soft, no-sew fleece blankets of all different designs and colors are prepared. Then, Foundation Staff deliver the blankets to the local hospital at which Bayan had many stays during her chemotherapy treatments.

Our daughter Ryan Margaret (4.5) was the lucky recipient of a blanket from your foundation...She loves to snuggle in to things, especially soft things and the amazing fleece blanket that you gave her fit the bill perfectly, and has been in permanent rotation in her bed since we got home. It is the perfect size for Ryan & Mommy for couch snuggles and stories too. Thank you so much for thinking of my girl, and for honoring Bayan.
— Parent of a Blanke From Bayan recipient


Contact us if you would like to partner with us to host your own "Blankets From Bayan" event!