"Chairs For Cares" Program Raises Over $3000 for Foundation

We are so very excited to announce that the Bayan Hassaballa Foundation was chosen by the Rust-Oleum Corporation to be among a select group of charities for their "Chairs For Cares" program! 

Several groups of Rust-Oleum employees got together and painted chairs representing various charities, including our very own! They then raised money for each charity, and we are ecstatic that our group raised over $3000. The group representing the Bayan Hassaballa Foundation was led by Kim Rihman, Senior Director of Global Compliance and Corporate Engagement at Rustoleum. 

Bayan has impacted our family in ways that are still being felt. Mia (my daughter) is one beautiful woman now, seeking a degree in special education because of the impact she made on her years ago!
— Kim Rihman

Thank you so much to Kim and her amazing group of "Bayan's Angels" at Rust-Oleum!